High School Races.

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Date: Saturday, September 28, 2024 (rain or shine) 8:45 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Sanctioned requested for the following areas: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York (city and state), Rhode Island, Vermont, Florida and Maine. Students who are official members of their respective high school teams are eligible. All schools must be members of their state associations. Schools from additional states should contact the race director (401-952-6333) as soon as possible for additional state sanction requests. The meet organizers will apply for additional state sanctions if requested.

Host Institution:

North Kingstown High School – North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Meet Organization:

Meet Management by Ground Control Events LLC


Race Director– 401-527-4403 or [email protected]


Goddard Park, 1095 Ives Road, Warwick, Rhode Island 02818. 5,000 meters (3.1 miles), 4,000 meters for freshmen; grass and dirt paths, moderate hills, mostly flat.


From the North: Rte. 95 S to exit 9 (left-hand exit) onto Rte. 4 S. Immediately exit at Rte. 401/East Greenwich. Right at light onto 401/Division St. One mile curve right onto First Ave. Turn right at light onto Main St. One-half mile at light, turn left onto Old Forge Rd. Old Forge becomes Ives Rd. One mile to park entrance on left.
From the South: Rte. 95 N to exit 8A/Rte. 2 S. At first light, turn left onto Rte. 401 E/Division St. Follow directions above.

Entry Info:

All entries will be submitted on-line. Entries will close on MONDAY, September 23 at 9:00 AM. A list of schools competing in each race will be posted by Wednesday, September 25 at 9:00 PM.

Chip timing will be used for the Ocean State Invitational

Entry Fees:

There is no limits on the size of teams.

$130.00 Boys - This fee covers 21 athletes Additional runners above 21 entries $5.00 per runner after 21.

$130.00 Girls - This fee covers 21 athletes Additional runners above 21 entries $5.00 per runner after 21.

$25.00 per individual runner (when entering 5 or fewer total runners)

For the larger squads, the maximum fee will be $250.00 per gender ($500 for all genders). There are no limits on the size of teams.

Once your entries have been registered on line and the entries close, your high school is responsible for the entire entry fee.
Adjustments will not be made for no-shows. If your school cannot attend, you must remove all your athletes on or before 9am on Monday, September 23 as this is when timing chips are assigned and paid for.

Entry fees should be made payable to: “Ground Control Events” Entry fees may be mailed to: Ground Control Events, 183 Purgatory Road, Exeter RI 02822

Meet Rules:

Guidelines provided by the National Federation of State High School Associations rule book. Please note in particular the articles dealing with uniforms and unsportsmanlike conduct. Coaches and other non-competitors are urged to stay off the runners’ path in the woods. No unofficial bikes or other vehicles are permitted on the course.

Schools must run a minimun of 5 to a max of 7 athletes in either the Championship or Varsity race before entering any JV runners. Schools can put teams in Championship and Varsity races.

IMPORTANT CHAMPIONSHIP INFORMATION. All Championship teams and individuals must be approved by the race directors. Please send an email with accomplishments of your athletes if you wish to be considered for the championship races to [email protected]


Park rangers will direct cars to ample parking available within the park. Buses will be allowed to drop off passengers and then follow directions to park in designated areas.


Bathrooms and food concession available. T-shirts will be sold at the meet. No lockers or showers available at race site. Team tents/canopies permitted.


All races will start on time.

High School Races

High School Races

1 = Larger Schools (525 or more students per gender will compete in the morning)

2 = Smaller Schools (524 or less students per gender will compete in the afternoon)

NOTE: If your school is entering a boys and girls team and the stucdent counts per gender fall into afternoon and morning sessions, please contact the race management to be assigned to the same time schedule.

Race Time High School Races Race Team Gender
8:45 Race 1 Freshman - 1 Boys
9:10 Race 2 Freshman - 1 Girls
9:35 Race 3 Junior Varsity – 1 Boys
10:05 Race 3A Junior Varsity - 1 OVERFLOW Boys
10:35 Race 4 Junior Varsity - 1 Girls
11:10 Race 5 Varsity - 1 Boys
11:35 Race 6 Varsity - 1 Girls
12:05 Opening Ceremony
12:15 Race 7 Championship Boys
12:45 Race 8 Championship Girls
1:05 Awards Ceremony for Races #1 - 8
1:25 Race 9 Varsity - 2 Boys
1:50 Race 10 Varsity - 2 Girls
2:20 Race 11 Junior Varsity - 2 Boys
2:50 Race 12 Junior Varsity - 2 Girls
3:25 Race 13 Freshman - 2 Boys
3:50 Race 14 Freshman -2 Girls
4:00 Awards Ceremony for Races #9 - 14

* IMPORTANT: A school may enter an unlimited number in the Junior Varsity race only after it has entered a team with a minimun of 5 athletes in either the Varsity or Championship race.


** A school may elect to enter its top 5-7 runners in either the Championship or the Varsity race. The Championship race should include the top teams in the meet from either Division. Special awards will be offered in the Championship race. A school may enter one or two individuals in the Championship race while running 5-7 other athletes in the regular Varsity race. REMINDER - A TEAM MAY ELECT TO RUN 5-7 IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP AS WELL AS 5-7 IN THE VARSITY.

For the Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity races, there will be two divisions based on the school’s enrollment.

Division 1: Larger Schools
includes all schools whose enrollment for grades 9-12 for one gender (boys or girls) is 525 or more.

Division 2: Smaller Schools
includes all schools whose enrollment for grades 9-12 for one gender (boys or girls) is 524 or less.



Championship Races
Awards to the top 15 individuals
Medals to the top 30 individuals
Plaques to the top 3 teams

Varsity Races
Awards to the top 10 individuals
Medals to the top 30 individuals
Plaques to the top 3 teams

Junior Varsity Races
Medals to the top 30 individuals. (Medals to the top 10 individuals in the JV2 Boys Overflow Race)
Plaques to the top 3 teams

Freshmen Races
Medals to the top 30 individuals
Plaques to the top 3 teams

Awards to the All-Star Teams (The 5 runners with the fastest times from the Championship, Varsity 1 or Varsity 2)

Special awards in Championship race to the top male and female individual finishers from Rhode Island.

Special combination awards to the team with the best total time of the top 5 boys and top 5 girls from the same school (from championship races)

Individual medals for the Freshmen and Junior Varsity will be distributed at the awards tent as soon as results are confirmed. In the Varsity races, medals AFTER the top 10 will be distributed at the awards tent when the results are approved. In the Championship races, medals AFTER the top 15 will be distributed at the awards tent.

The top 10 finishers in the Varsity race and the top 15 finishers in the Championship race will be presented their awards on the awards stage


A final Coach’s Instruction Sheet will posted on-line Wednesday evening, September 20.

Large schools (525 or more students per gender) will compete in the morning and the small schools (524 or less per gender) will compete in the afternoon.

Freshman races are for 9th graders only.

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